World's First BlockChain-Powered Specialty Coffee Trading Platform

Powered By CoffeeCoin (COF) Utility Token On The Waves Network


BETA: Offer your best coffee directly to buyers around the world. VER. 1.0: Get paid instantly through our platform using our CoffeeCoin wallet.



BETA: Discover amazing lots of specialty coffee from global producers. VER. 1.0: Connect, purchase, track and review shipments using CoffeeCoin.


Importers / Exporters

BETA: Post Buy/Sell offers for green coffee on the blockchain. Future Version: Increase efficiency with our blockchain-powered sales & logistics tools.


Service Providers

BETA: Post your services directly on the blockchain to buyers and sellers who need to ship specialty-grade coffees. Future Version: Receive payments with our CoffeeCoin wallet.

Blockchain Efficiency For The Specialty Coffee Trade

How CoffeeChain Works

By sending a single CoffeeCoin (COF) to our platform’s Waves Wallet with address alias “coffee”, users can post their offers as a text message via the “attachment” feature of the wallet direct to the blockchain. Offers are prefaced with either “BUY”, “SELL” or “SERVICE” in the attachment and can be up to 140 characters in length.

Once the CoffeeCoin with attached offer text is received and confirmed, our system searches the blockchain, finds the text and within minutes posts the offer under the relevant category on the CoffeeChain website’s BETA page.

Any urls included in the offer text are hyperlinked on the website, allowing users to generate visitors directly to their own websites from their offer listings.

ll offers are preserved on the blockchain ledger while the CoffeeChain beta website currently showcases up to the most recent 100 offers in each category. Listings are searchable. 

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CoffeeCoin is the Waves-based utility token and crypto-currency that powers our CoffeeChain platform.
Waves LiteClient

The Waves LiteClient includes its crypto-currency wallet and a built in decentralized blockchain token exchange (DEX). The DEX is used to purchase  CoffeeCoins and the wallet is required to send and receive CoffeeCoins and to post Buy, Sell and Service offers to our platform via the blockchain.

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Waves is the blockchain CoffeeCoin was developed on. Its decentralized ledger receives, transmits and preserves data without the need for centralized servers. 

Waves Platform

OceanLab is the Waves-based startup company developing tools for blockchain projects – including CoffeeCoin / CoffeeChain.